Born and raised in San Diego, California; 
POST ELVIS is the pseudonym for musician, artist and composer Thomas Torres.  
Combining different musical stlyes including; Pop, Punk, Hip Hop, Noise, Disco, Funk, Chiptune, and Drum and Bass; POST ELVIS is creating original music compositions unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  
Everything from POST ELVIS’ music releases are solely recorded, played and mixed by Thomas Torres (unless otherwise stated).  
So far POST ELVIS has 2 EP’s and 2 Albums produced and recorded that are currently available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify. POST ELVIS also uploads original music to Soundcloud on a regular basis.  

Thomas Torres, the man behind POST ELVIS, has completed a Bachelors Degree of Music Composition at San Diego State University in 2018.

Thomas Torres is also currently working towards a Masters in Music Composition at Texas State San Marcos 

POST ELVIS is currently based in San Marcos, Texas, and continues to make music to this day

  • Music in a variety of different styles.                                                                                               
I am well versed in a wide array of music styles and genres, but I am more comfortable in some genre's than I am in others, please check
for a good idea of what I'm capable of.

  • Music that is professionally written, recorded and mixed by Post Elvis
  • Art is also available by request 
  • Commissions should include as much detail as possible. Any request that is lacking in detail will be subject to refusal.  
  • to ensure maximum detail, Include musical references, style, feel, emotion, etc... in your request.
  • Art commissions will also go by these guidelines 
  • Any commission is subject to refusal based upon the actions, or content of the request or requester, please be polite and upfront with your request. 
For Individual Songs
  • $60 - $80 for short jingles – 30 seconds max. 
  • $90 – $160 for songs 1 -3 minutes in length 
  • $160+ for songs 3 minutes or longer 
  • pricing is negotiable, not concrete
Extra fees will be added for such things as
  • Faster completion  
  • Extra instrumentation 
  • Live instrumentation 
  • Vocals  
  • Complexity of musical content  
  • Overall production elements 
  • Midi file requests
For art and large scale projects (game development , animation, etc.)
  • Contact me through                                                    
  • rates per track and production time will vary and other contact info will be discussed via this method
  • Only Payments through Paypal are accepted. Prices are in USD 
  • Full amount does not have to be paid upfront, but is required before I send the final product.  
  • Final products will be given as a 320kbps .mp3 file and lossless .wav file.
  • Completetion date and timeline will vary depending on the request.

  • If you paid for a commission, you reserve all of the rights to use the piece of music however you want.  
  • The only requirement is that you must give credit to me wherever you have used my music